Why Red Bull ice hockey chose us

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Why Red Bull ice hockey chose us

The history of ice hockey in Salzburg at the highest level dates back to 1977-78, when the then HC Salzburg took a sensational third place in the first division. From the beginning of 2000, drinks manufacturer Red Bull became the teams major sponsor, which is why the team changed names to EC Red Bull Salzburg.

The Red Bull Soccer and Ice Hockey Academy in Salzburg/Liefering first opened its doors in the summer of 2014. It is Europe’s most modern youth training center and contains a sporting infrastructure that leaves nothing to be desired. Its training facilities are complex and wide-ranging, creating an environment that is geared towards the development of young, talented athletes.

GreenIce has a unique place in the Red Bull Academy, where our certified synthetic ice panels are used for endurance training and shooting practice. Our ice rink enables the athletes to train year-round, without being restricted by temperature, electricity or difficult maintenance.

Our Eco Ice panels are the only synthetic ice in the world that is certified, which means we offer full transparency to our customers about our product, where it comes from and how it’s made, and we can guarantee quality: An ice rink that glides like ice and is specifically designed for heavy use in professional sports environments.