Surfing and Ice Skating?!

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Surfing and Ice Skating?!

Citywave is a next generation wave pool that makes surfing available to everyone, everywhere, even far away from any ocean break. Sound familiar? That’s because in many ways, the idea and philosophy behind it aligns pretty well with that of GreenIce. The Wave Factory in Zurich have brought a Citywave pool to Switzerland, and made surfing that much more accessible here.

“This type of technology is great for surfing”, says professional windsurfer Brian Talma. “It brings it to the cities. It brings it where people are not exposed to surfing.”

“It’s really interesting that the landlocked Germans are gonna have a cultural impact on the rest of the surfing world, as this develops further”, says surfer Joey Santly. “That’s the coolest thing!”

The Wave Factory doesn’t only operate Switzerland’s first and biggest wave pool, they have also expanded to include an agency for events all about board sport. Whether it’s surfing boot camps, wakeboarding, a street food fest, or unplugged music nights; they’ve done it all, and although it sounds rather tropical, they’ve done it all in little old Switzerland.

In the springtime, they open the Citywave pool for their “Urbansurf” event at Gerold Areal in Zurich, which lasts throughout the summer months. There’s a surf restaurant that serves Poke, a beach bar with a terrace and most importantly, the biggest surfing pool of all!

They round up the event with concerts, markets, DJ gigs, surf contests, movie nights, and more.

This winter, GreenIce is taking over Gerold Areal, Zurich with a 432 m2 synthetic ice rink. While the waves hibernate until the weather gets warm, our ice rinks are completely independent of ambient temperatures and make you feel like you’re gliding on real ice, no matter the season. Come on over and join The Wave Factory in their winter feat. There will be games of ice hockey and much more!

From 18 January until 24 February 2019

“Eis am Gleis”

Geroldstrasse 19C-19D

8005 Zürich