Sportmarkt Basel with GreenIce, EHC Basel and more

Synthetic Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure ecological and multifunctional

Sportmarkt Basel with GreenIce, EHC Basel and more

ice hockey

Hundreds of different sports clubs gathered in St. Jakobshalle Basel on Sunday, 11 November 2018, for Sportmarkt Basel — aka Basel Sports Fair.

Visitors had the wonderful opportunity to meet athletes and sports teams, to learn about almost every imaginable form of sport at the fair — ice hockey, volleyball, football, you name it — the most exciting part of the day being that additionally to learning about new sports, everyone could have a try and get a first hand experience at the sport they had just discovered at the fair or had been thinking about taking up. The stands were designed for people to get active, equipment was not only there to be shown, but for visitors to use.

And so was the GreenIce rink! We brought in a 80 m2 synthetic ice rink, assembled in the midst of the fair, to sweeten up the day with 100% eco-friendly ice skating. Always a hit with every age category, the Eco Ice was well skated on within minutes of opening.

GreenIce visitors had the chance to get on the ice with some real professionals: Basel’s ice hockey club EHC Basel was there to teach, as well as figure skating club Eislaufclub beider Basel.

Events like this are specifically designed and essential to bring young people closer to sports, to encourage them to find the way that they like to move, and to give them the chance to try out different things in order to do so. Having a sport as a hobby means more than just exercise; it is children’s recreation, social exchange, and a balance to long school hours, where they get to engage their body as well as their mind.

We work tirelessly to make ice skating accessible to everyone, everywhere and in every climate, with synthetic ice rinks that glide like real ice but are easily assembled, mobile, and 100% eco-friendly — for our children, our future.