SC Bern: Swiss Champions Training on GreenIce

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SC Bern: Swiss Champions Training on GreenIce

Schlittschuh Club Bern (Ice-skating Club Bern in English) is the biggest Swiss ice hockey club. They play in Switzerland’s National League and have won the Swiss Championship fifteen times, as well as being the current champion.

The longstanding club was founded in 1930 and has the highest audience numbers in European ice hockey, averaging 16,399 spectators per game.

The team’s home stadium is the often sold out PostFinance-Arena, one of the largest ice hockey stadiums in Europe. It holds a capacity of 17,031.

SC Bern is the first Swiss ice hockey club to have played against an American NHL team: the New York rangers.

Since 2014, SC Bern trains on GreenIce synthetic ice. Since gliding on GreenIce requires slightly more muscle power than skating on real ice, the artificial ice rink is the perfect opportunity for the players to train their condition year round.

We are proud to contribute to the legacy of Switzerland’s most outstanding ice hockey club.