RED BULL ACADEMY & Greenice® Synthetic Ice Rinks

Synthetic Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure ecological and multifunctional

RED BULL ACADEMY & Greenice® Synthetic Ice Rinks

RED BULL ACADEMY selects Greenice® as supplier of its Synthetic Ice Rinks.

Greenice® the top leader on Synthetic Ice and Artificial Ice Rinks selected as supplier for the complete dasherboard system on professional hockey.

When skating on natural ice, the skate blade increases the temperature of the microscopic top layers of the ice, melting it to produce a small amount of water that reduces drag and causes the blade to glide on top of the ice.

On Greenice® Synthetic Ice Rinks, the artificial surface reduce drag on the skate blade.

(*) Synthetic ice is a solid polymer material designed for skating using normal metal-bladed ice skates. Rinks are constructed by interlocking panels. Synthetic ice is sometimes called artificial ice.