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Synthetic Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure ecological and multifunctional

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RED BULL ACADEMY & Greenice® Synthetic Ice Rinks
RED BULL ACADEMY selects Greenice® as supplier of its Synthetic
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GreenIce® Synthetic Ice Rinks are easy and fast to install and dismantle. The UV stabilized panels are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Previously unimagined possibilities arise for sports clubs, hotel resorts, communities, theme parks and event organizers, completely independent of ambient temperatures. In cooperation with our partner, German leading manufacturer of thermoplastic products SIMONA, we are able to offer a high quality product after years of research and development.

GreenIce® Synthetic Ice Panels are easy to clean, multifunctional and durable. On top of that they are versatile: ice skating, ice hockey and everything related to skating is possible. But in comparison to regular ice rinks they can be used for multiple purposes, since without ice skates the surface is slip-resistant.


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Due to its homogenous surface, high wear resistance and anti-slip technology, GreenIce® Rinks are multifunctional. # Self-lubricated # UV-protected # Top balance between grip & glide # Skate with no resistance # Walk without slipping

Greenice® Artificial Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure

Greenice® Synthetic Ice Rinks multifuncional worldwide