Our Construction Process

Synthetic Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure ecological and multifunctional

Our Construction Process

Artificial Ice Tiles Panel Sheet Production

How does a GreenIce rink differ from a regular ice rink and what makes it so much easier to install and maintain? What are our panels made of and how long do they last? How do we guarantee the quality of our product and its longevity? And why is GreenIce the only company distributing certified synthetic ice?

If the switch to synthetic ice is something you’ve been thinking about for a while or if this is your first ice rink project and you’re looking to go the more energy efficient and multifunctional route, you probably still have lots of questions — which is why we would like to introduce you to our construction process and let you gain more insight into how a GreenIce rink comes to life.

Certified and Made in Germany

GreenIce synthetic ice rinks are made of 100% ecological, recyclable panels that are tightly interlocked in a tongue & groove assembling process. Our ice rinks are exclusively made with certified Eco Ice panels made by SIMONA in Germany, and we are the only company distributing certified synthetic ice panels worldwide. We offer full transparency regarding the manufacture of our synthetic ice and we are proud to offer a product that delivers what it promises.

GreenIce rinks are thick and sturdy which makes them ideal for heavy use in professional training or figure skating and all-day everyday ice skating in leisure environments.

Swiss Quality Service

Our company is based in Switzerland and we offer around the clock assistance and worldwide personalized service. Upon the purchase or rental of an ice rink our CEO and construction team are personally onsite for its initial installation and to help you make your project come to life.

Watch our construction process here! (Coming soon)