Ice Stock Sport with GreenIce at Pflegezentrum Brunnmatt

Synthetic Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure ecological and multifunctional

Ice Stock Sport with GreenIce at Pflegezentrum Brunnmatt

Come by for a round of ice stock sport (curling) at Pflegezentrum Brunnmatt in Liestal! Starting in November there will be a permanent official GreenIce ice stock rink inviting residents and visitors of the nursing home to take part in Switzerland’s long-standing and beloved winter sport.

Ice stock sport is an ideal activity for families and people of all ages, and on synthetic ice it can be all that and more without harming the environment.

If you have an upcoming curling or ice stock sport project and are thinking about going the eco-friendly route, we highly recommend you to come and test our GreenIce ice stock rink at Pflegezentrum Brunnmatt, or one of our upcoming events this winter.

GreenIce ice stock rinks are made of the same panels as our 100% ecological, recyclable synthetic ice rinks: they are mobile and can be assembled on any surface, indoors as well as outdoors and in any climate.

Get in touch with us to learn about the possibilities of a GreenIce synthetic ice stock rink.