Ice Stock Sport: An Alpine Tradition, Revolutionized by GreenIce

Synthetic Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure ecological and multifunctional

Ice Stock Sport: An Alpine Tradition, Revolutionized by GreenIce

Ice stock sport (also known as Bavarian Curling) is a winter sport and an ongoing practice in the Alpine region. Every winter, the sport is played in areas with icebound waters, especially on lakes. It bears some resemblence to curling in that competitors slide ice stocks over an ice surface, aiming for a target, or to cover the longest distance. Many associations and clubs offer the sport year-round, recreationally as well as competitively.

At GreenIce we are proud to uphold this part of our Swiss tradition, and at the same time optimize it with the 100% ecological innovation — for year-round, eco-friendly enjoyment.

Our synthetic ice stock rinks expand the setting for ice stock sport: Thanks to UV-stabilization, they are suited for indoor as well as outdoor use and glide excellently. The energy costs of an ice stock rink made of real ice are completely eliminated, as GreenIce synthetic ice rinks are maintenance-free, easily assembled and highly resistent.

You won’t have to miss out on the authentic experience. Ice stock sport on carpet, tarmac or concrete often lacks the realistic atmosphere.

GreenIce synthetic ice delivers the true feeling of the winter sport in a 100% ecological and recyclable method.