GreenIce and Red Bull

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GreenIce and Red Bull

Since 2015 GreenIce is the official partner of the Red Bull Soccer and Ice Hockey Academy in Salzburg-Liefering, where there are currently 400 young talents going to school and honing their skill. The academy is Europe’s biggest center for youth training to date, and follows the International Ice Hockey Development Model (IIDM), which is the academy’s cornerstone. It encompasses the training and support of the Red Bulls’ multinational teams, from U16 right up to the professional team. This is where the national and international 14 to 20-year-old ice hockey players are nurtured and comprehensively supported on their way to becoming top players.

The GreenIce synthetic ice rink is situated in the Eisarena Salzburg, where all ice hockey games from U14 to U20 as well as friendlies are hosted. This is where the academy’s Eishockey Bulls do their daily conditioning training on our synthetic ice; as well as shooting, reflex and reaction exercises.

Training is overseen by internationally recognized coaches with several years of experience in the training of youth players. They are therefore uniquely placed to help with their development. Equal weight is given, however, to the personal growth of the young players, who benefit from a healthy social environment in which they have ample opportunity to pursue individual interests and activities.

Education comes first! All school-age players at the academy have to abide by the golden rule: 51% school, 49% sport! In the event of any conflicts or problems between the two areas, schooling takes priority. Educational success is ensured by the presence of a school and education director, who acts as an interface between players, parents, teachers and coaches. As an advisor to players and parents in all academic and educational matters, he is also responsible for coordinating support measures and for offering advice on choice of school.

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