“Eis am Gleis” Zurich: Autograph session with ZSC Lions & ice hockey tournament

Photos: © Raisa Durandi

Don’t forget to come and test the GreenIce rink at Urbansurf in Zurich, from 18 to 24 January!

Ice skating and ice hockey fans will find our 432 m2 test winning synthetic ice rink in the Urbansurf area on Geroldstrasse 19C-19D.

Compete in our ice hockey tournament, and meet players from ZSC Lions Zurich!

But that’s not all: discover the official campfire, where you can roast BBQ’s and spend quality time with new and old friends, while enjoying hot snacks from the gourmet shack, and drinks from the Eis am Gleis bar.


Ice skating

Admission prices:

Adults: CHF 6.-

Children up to 16 years: CHF 4.-

Children up to 6 years: free

Ice skates rental:

Adults: CHF 4.-

Children up to 16 years: CHF 3.50

Children up to 6 years: CHF 3.-

Sliding helpers (penguin/metal): free

“Chneble”, ice hockey

At specific times, the ice rink will be available for “Chneble”. During these times, it will be closed for regular ice skating. Protective gear must be brought by the visitor. Use at your own risk. Fair play is the motto!


Wednesday: 12PM – 2PM

Thursday: 7PM – 9PM

Saturday: 12PM – 2PM

Sunday: 7PM – 9PM

Rental prices of materials

Hockey stick: CHF 3.- (plus deposit)

Puck: CHF 6.- (only available for purchase)


For groups we offer the possibility to rent our the ice rink. Catering is available on request. For details, please contact us via email at kontakt@eisamgleis.ch or via telephone +41 76 224 42 24.


Ice hockey tournament

Autograph session with ZSC Lions Zurich players

…and more! Details will follow shortly.