Curling on top of the world

Synthetic Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure ecological and multifunctional

Curling on top of the world

(Photo: GreenIce curling rink on Schilthorn Piz Gloria)

Curling is a longstanding tradition in Switzerland, it’s close to our heart and therefore important to us as a company. Our curling rinks are made of 100% ecological synthetic ice that glides like real ice, giving you the same authentic feeling. It runs without electricity or cooling, doesn’t need maintenance — it’s a one time investment, easily set up and mobile.

With GreenIce, you can bring curling anywhere — even to the mountain peaks, as the Swiss curling teams of the Winter Olympics did. Watch the pros showcase their skills on the GreenIce curling rink, 2’970m above sea level — just as James Bond did in the same spot in “her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

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