Curling on GreenIce vs. other synthetics

Synthetic Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure ecological and multifunctional

Curling on GreenIce vs. other synthetics

Curling on a synthetic surface can often feel unauthentic — tarmac, concrete or carpet curling tracks just aren’t the real thing; they don’t look or feel like anything close to ice.

A GreenIce curling track doesn’t only guarantee quality — ours is the only synthetic ice in the world that is certified — we also guarantee an authentic experience. Our curling tracks look and glide like real ice.

The small differences are all advantages: Easily set up and mobile, our curling tracks can be installed anywhere, at any time. Independent of ambient temperatures and UV-stable, they are ready for year-round use. 100% ecological and recyclable, with no energy or maintenance costs, they are a one time investment.

Just like ice, but without the fuss.