Come by our Headquarters and Test the Ice Rink

Synthetic Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure ecological and multifunctional

Come by our Headquarters and Test the Ice Rink

We always recommend testing a product before making the decision to rent or buy. With synthetic ice this is even more important, whether you’re looking to use it for professional training or fun-skating.

Our synthetic ice rinks are the only ones on the market that are certified, which means we are transparent about our product, its quality and where it comes from. Our panels are sturdy and withstand heavy use, making them ideal for professional training and all-day ice skating. Professional studies were conducted which verify their gliding capability, concluding that GreenIce glides near identically as real ice.

Regardless of this we want to show you what sets GreenIce apart and let our product speak for itself as you glide on it and feel as though you’re in the middle of a frozen lake.

Our headquarters are always there to welcome you for a round of ice skating, ice hockey or Swiss curling on our GreenIce rinks and give you a first hand experience of our product features while answering your questions.

If you can’t make it to Switzerland keep an eye out for our upcoming events where we offer free ice skating and curling as well as ice hockey lessons for adults and children of all ages, where you can test the ice and speak to the team.

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