Affordable, accessible, ecological – ice skating for everyone, everywhere

Synthetic Ice Rinks for Sports and Leisure ecological and multifunctional

Affordable, accessible, ecological – ice skating for everyone, everywhere

We firmly believe that ice skating shouldn’t be limited to a cold climate and an ice rink that is high maintenance and generates 24 h running costs. Not in this day and age. Today we want something that is easily installed, doesn’t need a power connection, works in any temperature, indoors and outdoors, something that is eco-friendly, sophisticated and glides like real ice.


Our ice rink is a one time investment — once it’s set up, it won’t need electricity or cooling. It needs minimal maintenance — not more than a wipe-down if it gets dirty. It’s designed for heavy use and built to last for 20 years.


We don’t want to limit ice skating to one season and one part of the world. Ice skating should be accessible to everyone, everywhere – and thanks to GreenIce, it is. This is why our ice rinks are UV-stable and completely independent of ambient temperatures ranging from —50°C to +50°C. GreenIce works indoors and outdoors, from the desert to the tundra. Our tongue & groove system makes the ice rink mobile, quickly set up and dismantled anywhere you want.


Our synthetic ice is the only one in the world that is certified. This means we offer full transparency to our customers about our product; where it comes from, how it’s made and what it’s made of. Our ice rinks are 100% ecological and recyclable, and all that’s left over during our production is reused or recycled — we run a zero waste business.