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Your Ice Project Need Help?

Greenice synthetic ice rinks are easy and fast to build up and dismantle.
The UV stabilized panel are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Thanks to that, unimagined possibilities open up to sport clubs, hotels, communities, attraction parks and event organizers, completly independent of ambient temperatures.

In cooperation with our partner, a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic products, we are able to offer a high quality product after years of research and development.
Greenice synthetic ice panel are easy to clean, multifunctional and durable.

On top of that they are versatile: ice skating, ice hockey and everything related to skating is possible anyway. But in comparison to regular ice rinks the space can be used for any other purpose, since without ice skates it is not slippery.

Take The Original

Know-how, consulting and a complete range of services at your disposal.

Everywhere we can plan, implement and manage your artificial ice rink project.

Greenice Offices with you for local support

Ice Rink Hockey

Ice Rink Everywhere

Ice Rink Shopping Malls

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What is an artificial ice rink?

The GreenIce synthetic ice rinks are made of top quality artificial ice panels, which come with the complete range of accessories needed for their installment.

Why choose GreenIce?

In the words of our clients worldwide: GreenIce glides like real ice! Developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany, our ecofriendly synthetic ice panels are made by the globally trusted thermoplastics producer SIMONA AG. GreenIce is the only distributor of synthetic ice [...]

What is synthetic ice?

Synthetic ice, also called artificial ice, plastic ice, polymer ice or silicone ice, is a substitute material for artificially frozen ice. Renowned for its multifunctional use and excellent durability, GreenIce synthetic ice upholds ist quality for decades and [...]

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We are getting closer! The World Championships of figure skating will be taking place in Milan's Mediolanum Forum from 19. to 25. March 2018. This is Milan's second time hosting the events after 1951. [...]

GreenIce featured in the Anzeiger

Tennisplatz Bachtal, Sins BL From 02. December to 21. January our synthetic ice rink was open for visitors of the Bachtal tennis court to ice skate. Secondary school students of Sins personally ran the [...]